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    Poorly Created Vector Files.


      I've had several issues with poorly constructed .ai/.eps files and even images converted to vector format using Live Paint/Image Traced. Many to the point that make it really difficult or no longer useful, which I can't determine until after I have downloaded the licensed file. A ratings and review field would be very helpful. And if the contributor receives enough bad reviews all of their submissions should be pulled until they have corrected the issue(s). If not a ratings and review field then certain screenshots of the artwork should be required like a wireframe view and the sample image should have a roll over magnify for a very detailed closeup. Not only is it frustrating to handle files like these and some even becoming useless, but poorly constructed vector artwork almost always has a severely higher number of anchor points than needed which creates unnecessarily large files that will make working with sluggish and frustrating.


      Below is an example of an image I licensed yesterday and was poorly constructed using Image Trace.


      The sample image shown on Adobe Stock.



      Reviewing the licensed image in direct select view showing the unnecessarily excessive anchor points.



      The direct select view of just the type. Divided paths to create textured affect making the "Thank You" difficult to use or alter.




      There are several instances of horsey strokes where the line is wavy, chunky or missing sections.