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      Here's my issue
      Ok so I have fire text i want to animate in after affects after i import it from Photoshop. but i don't want to animate it in Blender because it's probably not integrated, and I want to use adobe products since all of the programs are similar. How do I do this? I can posted the picture too. I want the animation to look like the fire is blowing in the wind.

      So here's my questions
           1. I also read that I have to mask the text, please explain how to do this first.
           2. Then do i download stock footage/template of a animation or can I create it by hand?




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want to learn how to use After Effects you should start here before trying to make fire stream from text. Basic AE


          The fastest way to find out about a new effect or procedure is to use the Search Help field at the top right corner of AE. You'll get much better and more often useful results using the Adobe community resources than you will get from Google. There is getting to be more bad advice out there in the form of YouTube tutorials than there is good advice.


          You asked about masking. To learn about masks type "mask" in  the search help field and study up.


          I probably would not use masking to make fire come from text but I"m probably visualizing something different that you are. To post an image or example of what you are trying to do just drag the image to the reply field on this forum or if you want to send a screenshot and you are on windows just press print screen and then put your cursor where you want the image and paste Ctrl/Cmnd + v.


          Learn how to use the tool bar at the top of the reply field to help you better illustrate your request for help.


          Blender, if you already know how to use it, is a great tool and it will integrate with AE just fine. I use it all the time. I probably use blender more for modeling than C4D or my other 3D apps because I'm very familiar with it.


          So, study up a bit, figure out exactly what you want to try and do and then ask a detailed question and we can probably point you in the right direction.

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            Rich Hinchcliffe Level 1

            It depends how realistic you want the fire to be.


            You could use Trapcode Particular to create a nice illustrated, cartoony fire effect (like this - Stylized Fire from Kung Fu Panda on Vimeo). Or you could use Turbulence FD to create a very realistic fire. I won't go into detail as each one requires an in depth process but there are great tutorials out there for both scenarios.


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              MagicJokes Level 1

              Flamethrower Text Google Photos.jpg this the text i was talking about sorry i thought posted it. i want realistic fire as you can see. i'm new to adobe after effects, blender and this community. I just want to use something that's quick, free, and easy. but if the best option for me is to use a slow long tutorial, I will. I don't mind paying if i absolutely have to. Blender 3d Tutorial: Creating Sleek, Stylized Flames on Text - YouTube  this is what i was looking for Fire Text Reveal: After Effects Tutorial - YouTube - this is really nice too like a explosion at the beginning but I think I'll just keep it simple as possible. But what would you guys recommend? Start over in blender, or use after effects? Should I use a template or create it from scratch?

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                MagicJokes Level 1

                and yes I will try to learn by myself

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Pulling off something like the Blender fire tutorial in AE is going to require you to purchase some 3rd party effects like Particular.


                  The AE fire text tutorial is fair. The end result doesn't look very original. It's just kind of a technique.


                  One way you can try and make fire come from text is to use Turbulent displace and Colorama. You can also displace and color edges using displacement maps created with Fractal Noise. There are a bunch of techniques that you can learn. All of them that do not rely on particle systems would use some displacement and distortion effects. That's where I would start. Something like this takes only a few minutes to accomplish.


                  Here's a project file for you. (note: your browser may add a .txt extension to the AEP file, just delete it.)


                  Colorado creates the fire color, Displacement Map, Compound Blur and Turbulent Noise create the effect by simply layering and pre-composing the fire and displacement comps.

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                    MagicJokes Level 1

                    okay i'm going to try to blend the layers in adobe after effects of the Photoshop file. then i play around with the fire color, displacement map, etc. i might have to create keyframes. just give me some time and i'll try it out because I'm learning photoshop and illustrator ta the same time.