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    HTML in XML

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      I'm trying to make this website for a band i'm doing easily updatable, so as usual, I'm trying to load my content from external files. I used to use .html or .txt files filled with HTML and have that populate a textbox on my flash movie. However, since this project is going to have someone else (who's reasonably computer savy) uploading the content, I wanted to use XML to organize the data. An example of this would be the news content
      <newsitem subject="New Record" date="4/15/05" poster="Ben">
      Hey Guys! Our new record came out today!<br><br>
      COME BUY IT!!
      This would be great except I can't put that HTML inside my XML. And I wouldn't use HTML except that I can't trust the data inside the XML tags to be formated properly (especially since there's no trim function in flash!). So if anyone's had experience with trying to display html insdie of XML or has a better solution for me to be able to have a reasonably smart way of updating my dynamic content that invovles XML, it would be a great help, because right now I keep running into brick walls! Thanks in advance, I know you guys will come through, you always help me when i'm in a bind!!

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          I would look at Flash Remoting. I use ColdFusion, however, you can also get a free PHP remoting plug in. There are ASPNET and Java, but you pay for those.

          I would write ColdFusion Compoment to all the news to be updated easily. Then Flash can easily pull it in.

          You can pull XML into Flash using XML Socket this requires understanding of ActionScript. However, the person updating the news file might need a good understanding of XML -- that's why I would use ColdFusion or PHP to generate the updated XML file and then have Flash import it. using the XML socket or as mentioned above -- Flash Remoting -- which easier and quicker.