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    10 free stock images?


      When I bought Creative Cloud, about a month ago, the screen said that I would get 10 free stock images from Adobe stock. After installing it, I got a pop up window that said the same.


      I went to figure out how to redeem these today and signed in with CC and went to Adobe Stock. It wanted a credit card number to charge them to, either $9.99 each or a monthly plan. I went on the forums and all I could find was that I needed to sign in with a team ID, which I don't have, I purchased a personal plan.


      I called support and after 20 minutes, including spelling my email four times only to be told I "hadn't purchased a stock plan" I was transferred to Creative Cloud support who told me I had to pay for a monthly plan then it would be credited back to my debit card. I said ok and as I was hanging up she added "but you have to subscribe for a year."


      So am I missing something, or is this just a misleading way to get customers to buy annual subscriptions?