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    exporting to (print) pdf creates a blank white file


      I've created a poster in InDesign CC on my work PC.  I cannot seem to export to print PDF without getting a blank white page.  I am not getting any error messages and haven't changed any settings... I exported it successfully yesterday morning, but today it doesn't want to work. 


      The layer is set as a printing layer, nothing is hidden, and all the links are valid. Nothing is showing up on the page at all... no linked graphics, no text, no copied graphics...nothing.  I can export as a jpeg and as an interactive PDF just fine... just not print PDF.  Is there a setting somewhere I should be looking for?  I've been through them and can't see anything that would affect this.


      The only thing I can think of is that in between exporting the first version and returning to do the revisions, there was a power outage that took out the server my INDD file was saved on.  I had left it open (but saved) while I worked on other things because the client wanted it ASAP of course.  I tried to do revisions before finding out that the server was down and got a message that this location was invalid.  This morning, when the server was back up, I was able to open it from the last saved version without any notices.  This could have damaged the file of course, but I'm not sure how or how to repair it because I'm not getting any messages about errors or damage.


      Thoughts?  Suggestions?