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    Apply preset on multiple pictures only partially working


      I'm used to apply autotone on import so as to fix exposure. But then, I usually apply a preset (like VSCO for instance) affecting many things BUT exposure and typically setting highlights, shadows, blacks and whites to fixed values, among other parameters.


      My problem is : I can apply the preset to one picture and it works, but not to many. I know how to apply a preset to multiple pictures : library in grid mode or develop with auto sync enabled. The problem is elsewhere : the preset can change things like curves to a huge number of files, but as far as highlights, shadows, blacks and whites are concerned, the values are changed for only a small number of pictures arround the "most" selected, but not for every selected picture. Nevertheless, every picture is reputed to have the applied prest, even if it is not fully applied. I'm not sure whether the preset is only partially applied, or if it is fully applied, but auto-tone is re-applied instantly for some reason.


      I tried many things including resetting LR parameters and even reinstalling it. I tried to backup the catalog and open the backup instead. Can you help me ?