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    Flash Layers, Frames, Keyframes, Objects – Please Help


      I would appreciate someone's help! I am working on a class assignment and currently struggling w / adding objects to layers. When a new layer is inserted how do you get a blank screen (not a new scene) on which to add your new objects? Everytime I add a new layer, I see previous layers w/objects. I need blank screens with the new layers.

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          Deb H;
          If I follow the question, I suspect you need to review how layers work
          in flash (although it's very similar to other graphic applications), because
          what you seek is not really possible. You can get a blank stage by working
          in a different timeline such as a movie clip, or by adding a new scene--but
          not by simply adding layers (unless you are hiding the existing content in
          that timeline in some way. -Tom Unger