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    Exporting only document/stage area

    rowby Level 1
      I'm redoing a flash file that someone else created.

      The person included content that goes outside the stage area. And I don't want to include that content. I just want to export the material that is within the stage. (In other words the "white" area of the stage, and not anything that falls over into the grey area of the stage.

      But when I export the file it includes material outside the stage.

      I don't see any option in export that says "export only stage area". So I need your help!


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          If you are exporting as a swf you wont be able to do that. If its a static image then jsut cut the edges of... or export as a picture which will give you the option to jsut export the stage area. unless its causing bandwidth problems it shouldn't be an issue anyway , the only reason why it would matter was if your html swf object was out of proportion, causing it to show stuff around the edge.
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            rowby Level 1
            Hi JESUS1000000,

            I finally figured out a workaround.

            I just put a mask layer above the layer and used a rectange "mask" to cover just the area I wanted to export.

            That worked perfectly.