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    updateAfterEvent - onData

      I am making online multiplayer for flash. not the simplest of things ive attempted to do and not made very easy by flash.

      The problem is i want to redraw the screen after i recieve a certain character from the socket (the end of frame data character). Ive found when using a regular frame rate to draw the screen i get conflicts and with 30fps of data streaming to you over the internet i really cant afford to have conflicts and a juddery frame rate out of sync with the server.

      I know updateAfterEvent is not supported by onData. Allthough surely there msut be a way around this.
      I thoguht the best way would be to use setInterval like this:

      onrecieval of next frame character:
      intervalId = setInterval(drawNextFrame(),10);

      function drawNextFrame() {

      Basically it doesn't work. the function is deffinately being called but updateAfterEvent has no affect.
      any ideas why this isn't working or how i can get around this?
      thanks, lewis