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    Adobe has STOLEN my money


      I recently lost my position at the non-profit where I worked. Because they are no longer paying (and refuse to) for the Adobe subscription I needed for that job, I had to terminate the subscription. Now, I was charged an ETF of $75 dollars to cancel, which I think is absolute BULL since all you do is shut off the service, and the apps don't work anymore. But it's in the small print of the TOS, so I can't fight it.


      BUT, when I initiated a chat to try and get it refunded, the best that the rep could do was offer me a $50 ETF. Fine. Whatever helps you sleep a night.


      Now, when I go to my bank account, because it says INSUFFICIENT FUNDS, I find out that not only did I get charged the reduced ETF, but I also was charged the FULL ETF ON TOP OF IT. AND I was also overdrafted for $28 because of Adobe's little "misstep".


      I got back in touch with Adobe and explained the situation, and was told that it would be escalated and Adobe would get back in touch with me via email in 2 business days.


      IT HAS NOW BEEN 4 DAYS, and NO email has come from Adobe.


      I initiated yet ANOTHER chat to speak to someone about it, and I got the runaround from the Rep who was COMPLETELY UNWILLING to help me. And I can't even call in to speak to someone, because "phone support isn't supported on my subscription".


      Basically, Adobe has STOLEN from me, and is holding my funds hostage until they decide to get in touch with me.


      Effectively, they drained the bank account of someone who recently got laid off, where money is tight, and then they sit on their laurels because they think it is "no big deal".


      So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to write a bunch of letters - To the BBB, my State's Attorney General, to the Consumerist, to Gizmodo, to ANY BLOG AND NEWS OUTLET I can find about this situation.


      How does the headline, "Adobe Software Kicks Unemployed Man While He's Down" sound? How about, "Adobe Plays Pirate With Man's Bank Account"? "Adobe Steals Man's Money, Refuses Him Courtesy"?


      I want this FIXED. This is BEYOND ridiculous.