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    LR catalog for raid system

    kim7913 Level 1

      I have one concern about having HDDs for backing up files with raid system.


      I already have two 5 tb HDDs. The first one is already full with RAW files that I've been shoot since 2008. Btw Im using only one catalog. Two HDDs area connected to just one catalog. Yes, I'm not able to see all raw files from the first one if I don't connect it. I don't care about that issue. The biggest concern is having back up HDDs. Im not sure if I want to create catalogs base on year but it will be too complicated for backing up catalogs only.


      I really worry about loosing all raw files that I kept and it happened twice. Luckily, I recovered them all but I need to prevent this issue. LR catalog seem to be quite complicate to back up with raid system. If I made few adjustments, then both catalog won't gonna be same.


      It is hard to explain this concern cause nobody ever understand this even LR experts. Any idea?

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          DustinF00 Level 2

          This isn't so much a LR question as much as its a data storage question..


          I would recommend external dual drive mirror back ups. Meaning a Western Digital My Book DUO (MAKE SURE YOU ENABLE IT AS MIRROR) and back up files there...


          Catalog and RAWs can go locally and then backup to the external.


          Of course I'd tell you that Data should be considered BACKED UP unless it exists 2 different physical places... Meaning a set of HDs at home and then an off site or cloud back up.