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    How to find a Cloud Library Assets URL?

    Digital Halftones Level 1

      Possibly a dumb question but how do we locate the URL for a cloud asset. I found this in the ESTK model viewer:


      Application.openCloudLibraryAssetForEditing (assetURL: File , thumbnailURL: File , options:any): Document


      So it appears we can open assets from the cloud using scripts, however I can't figure out what the URL for cloud assets is. If you place one in a document and check the link properties it just says Libraries>folder>name.ai. When I try that in a script though it just says execution finished and gives me a result of a file listed on the C: drive but nothing gets opened in Illustrator.


      My main purpose for this is to find a way to re-link cloud assets via scripts to do multiple images at once rather than one by one through the libraries tab.  My feeling is if we can open cloud assets for editing we should be able to re-link to them as well. I just can't figure out what the proper URL is to test it. I know that linking locally does not link it to the cloud and using action scripts does the same even if you select the asset from the library window. I'm not sure what method they used to keep the links active to the cloud, but it doesn't seem to stay linked unless you go through the libraries tab directly or re-link from the top bar selection, back to the library tab, then scroll down to hit show remaining (for some reason it resets alphabetically every time you click it), then you have to click the asset you want, then click re-link at the bottom for it to finally re-link the image. It's painfully slow even for a few images per document so if anyone has any suggestions to do this faster via scripts or other means I'd be extremely grateful.