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    Drag and drop thumbnails to desktop (Acrobat XI Mac)

    thomasehealy Level 1

      In Acrobat 9 Pro I am able to drag one or a group of thumbnails to the desktop, where it would create a pdf "Untitled Extract Pages.pdf" with those pages at the desired location. I could then easily rename the newly-created document as I wished. It's a one-step drag-and-drop.

      Step 1: Drag pages to desired location

      Step 2: Rename the resulting file.


      But in Acrobat XI Pro, when I try to drag thumbnails to the desktop, I see that the folder I want the file to go into is highlighted by the drag icon, but nothing gets dropped. Instead I have to:

      Step 1: extract the desired pages

      Step 2: click OK to the extract dialog

      Step 3: Command-Shift-S to save the file as…

      Step 4: Locate the folder to which I want to save the file

      Step 5: Name the file

      Step 6: Click Save

      Is there any way to get the simpler procedure that worked so well in Acrobat 9?


      I'm using OS 10.11.6