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    Preview graphics resolution – experts question

    Marcelloid Level 1



      I have imported  a myriad of AI files in my INDD document. "High quality display" setting hogs my poor little CPU, so I use "typical display". But the resolution of the previews is so poor I can't see what's in the blocks (they are small, anchored blocks, in-line with text).


      Here's my question(s):

      what does InDesign actually use for a typical preview? Is it some embedded page thumbnail from the imported file (AI or PDF)? Does InDesign generate the preview image on the fly for every import? Is it possible to make this preview a little better? I've tried to double the actual size of my AI illustration, save it, and then import this @ 50% scale in InDesign, but the resolution of the preview remains the same. How does it work?


      BTW I think Adobe should do something to refine user control over this whole preview resolution business. If you work with lots of small blocks, it can become a real factor, you really should be able to control accurately what InDesign uses for imported graphics preview purposes.