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    300 Page Book



      I am fairly new to large publications and I have a 300 page book to set.


      I want to import word files into 2 columns but then some of the files have graphics which are full page width ? What are my options.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          MJ4913 Level 1

          I can set it using separately the text and then the graphics but I wonder is there a better way to do this?

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            You should consider to attend a basic class for InDesign.

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              MJ4913 Level 1

              How Unhelpful.  If I could afford I would attend but circumstances say I will have to wait hence the question here. 

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                No, I don't want to be unhelpful. But a forum cannot cover up so many issues as you have here. All are basics and you need to learn them. Without your effort no one will help you effectively.

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  And btw a 300 page book is not a good idea for a beginner to start with InDesign. You should start with smaller publications, like flyers or other short things to learn the basic.

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                    MJ4913 Level 1

                    Well that doesn't help beginners who do not have big training budgets doe sit?  I am not exactly a beginner and I pick up quick.  Yes I do understand that a 300 page book is not ideal but it is an order I have!!

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                      MJ4913 Level 1

                      Which courses do you recommend?

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                        Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                        As I am in Germany it would not helpful for you, but I am sure, some US helpers will give you advice for Lynda.com or similar. Some are even without cost.

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                          MJ4913 Level 1

                          Ok well ill; have a look

                          I fully understand how to flow text in but I just need to know if their is an automated way to flow the text in and then when the graphic comes put it full page width as the text needs to go into 2 columns

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                            Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            will the graphics be inline?

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                              MJ4913 Level 1

                              They are basically in a word document set as a page

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                                Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                i don't know how Word treats images. how are you going to import them into indesign? do you have the originals?

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                                  Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Hi Mark,

                                  fully automatically: no.

                                  Half automatically: perhaps.
                                  That would require some style changes and that would require some search/replace actions with paragraph formatting and applied object styles.


                                  And it would depend on the flow of your text before and after the graphic that breaks the flow.

                                  If your text should flow from column 1 to column 2 and then the graphic will be positioned below the two columns of text and the text will start again in column 1, then to column 2 before the next graphic will be positioned, yes.


                                  Check the "Column Span" feature with paragraph formatting and paragraph styles.


                                  Here a very oversimplified example where anchored graphics (the yellow graphic frames) are positioned in their own paragraphs, that are formatted with Span All Columns in a text frame with two columns:



                                  If that's not the way you want to flow your text, you are out of luck and you have to do a lot of "manual" work.

                                  And even if that's the way you want to flow the text, you cannot establish some rules that automatically kick in, if the graphic should go after another paragraph, because there would be too much white space before text. Await manual tweaking every time you are editing the text or you change its formatting or changes in overall layout, in size of graphics etc.pp.

                                  Or you have to hire a scripter for writing a script that could position the graphics at the right places by calculating white space and some rules you define beforehand for your layout.



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                                    MJ4913 Level 1

                                    Thank You for that Uwe thats good of you.  I am beginning to think word maybe the option if I am honest It is a very simple book word may handle it better especially as I have no impositions to do on it.

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                                      Derek Cross Level 6

                                      Create an InDesign document with Print as the intent, ensure you have the right TPS, add bleed and work out the baseline grid that suits your typography. Create master pages and add folios.


                                      If you have a Word file consisting of text and images, separate out the text. Place the text in Indesign, preserving styles as a Primary text file. Select all the text and give it all a Paragraph style (say call it text), create character styles for the italic and bold that appears in the basic text. Create Paragraph styles for chapter headings and other headings and apply them.


                                      Ensure the images are RGB and have the effective resolution between 200 and 300PPI


                                      Ask you printer for a PDF spec.


                                      How is the book to be bound hard-back or paperback?

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                                        Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                                        The problem are the grafic types you will haave from Word.

                                        1. Often you don't know its origen and its original file type.
                                        2. In Word pasted or inserted graphics have always a loss of quality and often a loss of resolution only by using them in Word.
                                        3. Word does not support any professional file type which makes sense to use in InDesign, you would always have to replace the images by better file types.
                                        4. Word does not support vector files except EMF/WMF, but those file types are not good for InDesign.
                                        5. Word does not support color management, if importing images from Word you cannot have a reliable color experience.
                                        6. A huge percentage of people don't use Word in any professional way. Often images are so inserted that you can't print them on a different OS or different set up computer. Don't expect that those graphics will work in InDesign.

                                        You can import images as separate frames or as anchored frames.

                                        Anchored frames can be inline or by using more options, best done with object styles.

                                        By the way, with 300 pages you have to make sure, that EVERY paragraph is formatted with Paragraph Styles and emphasis with Character Styles and every frame should be done with an object style. Don't format anything with manual overrides.

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                                          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                                          2000? I think you mean 200.

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                                            Derek Cross Level 6

                                            You might find this Lynda course useful: Creating Long Documents with InDesign CC

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                                              MJ4913 Level 1

                                              It is to be PUR Bound Derek which means just collated sets to the binder and with simple 3mm Bleeds

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                                                Derek Cross Level 6

                                                Probably best to have it as 16 page sections so, in this example, the book will be 302 pp plus 4 page cover.

                                                By the way, are you sure you want two columns per page. That layout can be very tiresome to read.

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                                                  MJ4913 Level 1

                                                  Depends what I print on and whether Digital or Litho Digital is 8PP Sections on SRA3 or Litho can be 16 or even 32pp sections...on B2 or B1.  Its only short run so maybe Digital.  Layout is clients choice.

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                                                    Derek Cross Level 6

                                                    Indeed, but my point is, is can't be a 300 page book!

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                                                      MJ4913 Level 1

                                                      Actually it can PUR or Perfect Bound but a waste of paper...   They dont need to be printed in sections as they are collated sets for finishing not sections.  I have to say Word is looking favourite its easier lol

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                                                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                        Better check with the printer to see if they accept Word files for print....

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                                                          MJ4913 Level 1

                                                          Not a problem just save it as a pdf

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                                                            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                                                            Which courses do you recommend?

                                                            As a career trainer, I think Lynda.com classes are a good option. Most of the Adobe Certified Trainers base our hands-on classes on the Classroom in the Book series from Adobe Press: getting hold of the InDesign book and working your way through it will also get you where you want to go.

                                                            Adobe InDesign Classroom in A Book, 2015 Edition