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    Duplicate XML Element - label and caption

    karthiks94217840 Level 2

      Dear Friends,


      I need your help


      How to duplicate XML Element for label and caption text?

      My need: Example below:


      Label >> Table A2.8 >> skip A2.8 >> A2.8-separate text (just alert)

      Caption >> Hellow work >> Hellow work-separate text (just alert)


      Table A2.8. Hellow Word




      A2.8. Hellow Word >> (separate text frame) Duplicate XML Element.


      This is possible to script? i don't how to start and end. Please suggest friends. I have place the screenshot below:


       var tableTableCapXpath = "//jrnlTblBlock/p[@aid:pstyle='jrnlTblCaption']/bold/label"; //Duplicate label part
       var tableXMLElementCap = curDoc.xmlElements[0].evaluateXPathExpression(tableTableCapXpath); 
       var tableTableCapXpath = "//jrnlTblBlock/p[@aid:pstyle='jrnlTblCaption']"; //Duplicate caption part
       var tableXMLElementCap = curDoc.xmlElements[0].evaluateXPathExpression(tableTableCapXpath); 




      Please help and suggest friends


      Thanks in Advance


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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure what you want to do exactly but xpath won't duplicate a xmlElement because it let you just target the nodes you are interested in.


          However EvaluateXPathExpression will return an array of XMLElements if any is found.


          var myXMLElements = someXMLElement.evaluateXPathExpression( someXPath ); //array of XMLElements objects


          In the latter, you can reference a member of that array and call a regular duplicate method.


          var sourceXMLElement = myXMLElements[0]; //A reference to the first child of the array


          then duplicate

          var dup = sourceXMLElement.duplicate();


          It will copy the xmlElement just after the source so you may want to move the copy somewhere else;

          dup.move ( LocationOptions.AFTER, someReferenceXMLElement );







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            karthiks94217840 Level 2

            Hi Loic,


            Thanks to your reply! and good suggestions Thanks.