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    Dynamic Text and HTML/CSS troubles

      Hey all,

      Old skool developer here just got back into Flash after abandoning it for various issues. Seems like the first thing I try is giving trouble. I link and external HTML file using a CSS into a dynamic text field which works quite well. HOWEVER, if content that is linked ( <a></a> ) ends up near the edge of the text field and wraps to the next line, Flash gets confused and the cursor changes to the hand when it's not even over the text and displays erratically, if at all over the link. I screwed with different code options but nothing worked. I simply changed the size of the text box so the link wasn't near the edge and it worked fine. Tried it with other people's code...same thing. If I force a break with a <br> it seems OK, but as if anyone can do this. What's the point in dynamic content then? I've posted one SWF here:


      The lower text box has been fixed with a <br>. The top one hasn't, and you'll notice you get the hand cursor after the word "visit" where there is no link at all. The .fla is there as well under the same name.