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    Change to Lr images after reinstalling all Adobe Products


      I had some issues with the running of my imac so apple advised to wipe the computer and reinstall everything. One thing I have noticed is that now the images in my lightroom catalogue look brighter with lifted shadows compared to how they were.


      I've attached two images to show this. One is the image as it was exported before reinstalling lr and the other shows it as it is now. No changes have been made to the image at all. I have only exported it again.


      Please can someone advise why this has happened?


      text image original.jpg

      image after reinstall.jpg


      I suspect there was some conflict in lr causing the images to be darker before, and that conflict is now gone. The reason I believe this is that when I tried using an outsource editor, if they changed anything in lightroom, the whole image appeared brighter with lifted shadows like what has happened here.


      I don't mind the change as long as what I see in lightroom is how the image will be when exported as I can work with that. What I an worried about, is editing images to my screen, thinking that is how they look, and then finding out clients are seeing things very different.


      Thanks in advance for any help.