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    Was bedeutet Fehlercode 30465?

    larsk1996 Level 1

      Hallo alle zusammen,


      nach fast einer ganzen Woche voller Verzweiflung frage ich jetzt hier: Was ist Fehlercode 30465?


      Fast alle Funktionen (Vom Application Interface) die Ich über das CORBA-Interface vom InDesign Server aufrufe, lösen diesen Fehlercode aus.

      Die Dokumentation scheint unvollständig zu sein in dieser Hinsicht, im Sinne das dieser Fehlercode einfach nirgends aufgeführt ist.


      Weiß vielleicht irgendjemand hier was diesen Fehler auslöst?


      Vielen dank im voraus für eine Antwort!


      Falls diese Frage im falschen Bereich ist, bitte verschieben!

      Irgendwie schade das mein erster Eintrag eine Frage wie diese sein muss...

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Thank you, Peter!


            @Lars – did you find a solution in the meanwhile?

            I can't help you on this. Sorry.




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              Dirk Becker Level 4

              30465 = 0x7701 (hex notation)

              0x7700 = kScriptingPrefix from C++ SDK ScriptingID.h

              So this is the first error within the scripting support, named kRequestNotHandledError


              To make something scriptable, a plugin has to declare the script element (class, method or property) in a script info resource (as later seen in the scripting object model), and associate a script provider object. The script provider is then reached with the actual request and translates it into the matching real program calls. If it can't handle the request (e.g. method ID), the script provider base class by default returns this error.

              Any other code can also return this error and some is even documented for doing so, it is a pretty generic error.

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                Dirk Becker Level 4

                Auf Deutsch zusammengefasst - es ist ein sehr generischer Fehler. Er wird von InDesign unter anderem ausgelöst wenn ein Request für eine eine Methode oder Eigenschaft eintrifft, die im Objektmodell deklariert aber im Code nicht implementiert ist.

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                  larsk1996 Level 1

                  Danke für die Hilfe, auch wenn es keine gute Nachricht ist.


                  Das heist dann wohl das ich ein paar (sehr wichtige) Features für meinen Kunden nicht implementieren kann. Es stellt sich hierbei übrigens heraus das ich eine unvollständige Fehlercode-Liste habe in der extrem viele Fehler fehlen, inklusive Fehler 0x7701/0x7700.


                  Nochmals danke für die Hilfe.

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                    Dirk Becker Level 4

                    (Lars drawing the conclusion he can't implement some features that would be important to his client)

                    If you could get into specifics - better in a separate thread - we may find a different approach. For the beginning you might want to explain the choice of Corba - eventually you better get along with SOAP and ExtendScript.


                    Vielleicht magst Du ja in einer separaten Diskussion näher auf die gewünschten Features eingehen, und muss es wirklich Corba sein? Mit SOAP und ExtendScript kommt man ziemlich weit. Übrigens spricht man hier im Forum Englisch ... Deutsche Diskussionen zu Scripting Themen (weniger InDesign Server, Corba, SOAP) finden sich eher im HilfDirselbst.ch Forum Adobe InDesign Skriptwerkstatt.


                    ... incomplete error list ...

                    Again, without pointers we don't know your specific error list, but a quick count thru the SDK yields 1700 declared errors - most just with a name but no further explanation. Localization will have matching texts for most of them.

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                      larsk1996 Level 1

                      Thanks for the quick answer! Switching to English for the remainder of this talk.


                      • CORBA was chosen because it seemed like the best idea at the time. I did not know the horrors of CORBA then.
                        • I already thought about redoing the entire system using SOAP lately. Only now have the problems stacked up enough to actually consider and do it.
                      • My job is to implement a load-balancer with a web interface, which is supposed to have a visualization that shows the performance metrics of the ID-Servers. The technologies in use are several ID-Servers, Java 8 and a Tomcat Server.
                      • I would like to use SOAP, but apparently I am missing the 'definition files' or interfaces?
                        • I have not worked with SOAP before and am currently reading a tutorial on how to use it.
                      • ExtendScript seems like a good idea, since the 'doScript'-method of the Application interface does in fact work.
                      • The error list I have seems to only have 1372 errors listed, out of the existing 1700 declared errors?
                        • The error list was actually missing from the SDK (empty file...) for a while until I asked the client to find and add it.


                      I should mention here that the installation of the SDK I am working with appears to be incomplete in some places, and I do not know what files/folders are actually missing.

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                        Dirk Becker Level 4

                        Unfortunately my experiences in your area are limited.


                        I haven't yet programmed Corba or SOAP from the Java remote side, the only Java I've done so far was straight from within InDesign, using an own binding. My next shot at SOAP will also be a plugin to reach out from within InDesign to some external service. With InDesign Server I've only been involved in an otherwise similar project where the infrastructure was already up and running when I joined - using SOAP to trigger the actual ExtendScript, similar to a remote app.doScript().


                        One more hint - that project was with CS4 thus it predates the Adobe load balancer, so I only know such a beast has been added - just a reminder to watch out for before you double any efforts.


                        A list of 1372 errors sounds pretty comprehensive, I did not differentiate between model (both Server and Desktop) and UI (ID Desktop only) plugins, that could be a reason for the difference.