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    Lightroom CC book module error

    johnchatt47 Level 1

      I am trying to make a book in lightroom - Standard Landscape, hardcover image wrap.

      Text and photos on the cover, no problem

      When I try to create any page inside the book I get the same error

      An internal error has occurred.

      entity:doneConstructing(): Field "image" does not have a value.

      After clicking OK, a placeholder for either a photo or a text box is/are missing.

      Suggestions please!

      Is it worth re-installing Lightroom (how do I do that without loosing my catalogue etc?)

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          The same is happening to me



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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            Weird things are happening!!

            I just started a Book with 12 images- the Auto Layout created me 66 pages- 54 of which were blank grey cells with the same photo title "IMG-0001" on every page.


            So I have no idea about the "Internal Error", although this may happen if the images you are trying to use are "missing" in the catalog. (ie. Lr cannot reference the location folder, or name, of the photo preview)  In the Book Collection Grid view- are any of the thumbnails showing the ! (missing) icon on the border?


            Catalogs are like Test/Word Documents or Spreadsheets-  Re-installing the software that created the 'Documents' does not delete the documents. Likewise re-installing Lightroom does not delete any Catalogs (database files) that you have created.

            But you must have reliable backups of your Catalog always (and frequently)!!