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    exporting to IDML doesn't work

    samar1234 Level 1

      I've been working on two InDesign files for the past few months (mostly text, incl. footnotes, a few tables, hardly any images), without encountering any problems.


      Today ID began behaving weirdly, in that it crashes if (in the second of the two files) I change a character style setting or I delete some pages. I fail to explain why this suddenly happens since I haven't changed anything significant (no new plug-in etc.) and, as I said, the two files worked impeccably so far.


      I tried exporting the file to IDML, but this does not work (InDesign quit unexpectedly). I did a trash Preferences – it did not help either, as didn't a simple Save As.


      At a loss now. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      ID C6, OS X 10.8.5