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    Cursor MisBehavior

      I have quite a few scripts that when the cursor enters an object it is suppose to turn to a hand

      cursor 280

      However, on about three objects - so far ---- when I enter the object- the cursor changes to a "text insert" I

      Any ideas why?
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          Level 7
          The offending sprites are editable text or field objects?

          Your cursor code is conflicting with some other code?

          Something else is wrong?

          Are you setting the cursor method, as in _player.cursor(280), or are you
          using the cursor sprite property, as in sprite(X).cursor = 280 ?

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            bmohnsen3 Level 1
            Two of the problems are picture images.
            One is a text field over a shape.

            I am using:
            on mouseEnter()
            cursor 280
            end mouseEnter
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              James Newton, ACP Level 3
              There are possibly two issues here:
              1. 'sprite(x).cursor = y' takes priority over 'cursor z'.
              2. 'sprite(x).cursor' actually affects the whole channel, not just the current sprite span
              3. When Director sets the cursor of a sprite automatically (for digital video, editable text, ...) and the playback jumps to a frame where the sprite no longer exists, Director mistakenly resets the cursor of the sprite to -1 (arrow) and not to 0 (return control to the system)

              You might find that the problem clears up if you add the following behavior to the sprites where the wrong cursor is shown:

              on beginSprite(me)
              sprite(me.spriteNum).cursor = 0