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    Problems with getting an interactive E-book created in ID CS6 to work with ID CC 2015


      Hi all

      I have a problem with an e-book I created with Indesign CS6.  It has slideshows, video, zoomable picture boxes and scroll text boxes among the active items. It was never published but was finished and I got it to work via the app builder letting me view it on Adobe Viewer on my Ipad. Here everything work perfectly. Since then I changed from CS6 to CC 2015 and now I have problems.

      I wan't to make some corrections to the origianl design and to the contents and publish it properly. When I open the various documents that the book consists of (a document pr. chapter in the book) there no longer are the option for creating the app as I used in the old CS6. When I export one of the chapters the ibooks app opens and the chapter opens, so far so good but some of the interactive things do not work: my slideshow does not change slides automatically as it is supposed to, I also have a zoom in window of a drawing I made and all the scroll boxes with text and drawings do not work either. The video clips works however. When I check the slideshow options in the document they seem to look ok. Now my questions are:

      How do I get all these things to work?

      What is the difference in CS6 and CC 2015?

      Can anybody direct me towards tutorials which can help me fix the problem?


      I really hope somebody can help I would like to finish my project which I have worked on for a long time...

      Thanx in advance