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    Phonegap build not working


      Is anyone else having issues with PGB not working on iOS apps?  I just uploaded an app that has always worked.  Now it errors out on the first deviceready function command StatusBar.styleLightContent();.  It throws a "StatusBar" not found error.  Worked fine a few days ago.

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          I am also having problems with PhoneGap build today for my iOS app. I am using PhoneGap version cli-5.2.0. I built an app yesterday on PhoneGap build and all worked well. Made no changes to my source code but created another build today through PhoneGap build and some of the plugins don't seem to be working correctly. I first noticed that nothing was writing to console as before. The status bar overlay doesn't seem to work and many other odd behaviors.


          Did something change or break in build since yesterday?


          David Norris


          App ID 281490

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            I am facing problems with iOS builds since yesterday evening.