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    I can't delete text without deleting the rest of my text.


      I inherited the files for our catalog from someone I cannot contact.  It was set up so that there are hidden words underneath bars that have basic information about our products.  I didn't think they would be a problem because the words didn't print.  However, when it was professionally printed  (glossy), you can see the outline of each hidden word.  Each word is white, and the bar is dark blue, and the word shows through looking like dark blue outlined letters. 


      I can't figure out how to select the word to change/delete it without moving the bar above it (which is cumbersome and forces me to have to re-place each bar perfectly), and if I try to delete any part of the word, the product information that is  supposed to be there gets deleted too.  If I try to make it smaller, the same thing happens.  I can't just change the color and hope for the best because I won't know if it worked until we professionally print the catalog again.


      Why is it doing this and how do I fix it?