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    Split contents

    karthiks94217840 Level 2

      Dear Friends,


      I need your help|


      How to split line is single single word?



       var tableTittle = "Table [ID].[ensp][CAPTION][ensp](<i>Continued</i>)";  //This is my oginal lline (I need to split this line).
           var tableTittleLabel = "Table [ID]." //My need - 1
           var tableTittleLabelEnsp = "[ensp]" //My need - 2  
           var tableTittleCap = "[CAPTION]" //My need - 3 
           var tableTittleCapEnsp = "[ensp]" //My need - 4
           var tableTittleCont = "(<i>Continued</i>)" //My need - 5


      This possible to split without space between in the words?


      Please suggest friends,


      Thanks in Advance