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    Photoshop to Lightroom rendering differently


      I've spent time getting the tones and everything about my image how I want it using photoshop, then when I go to save it and open it in Lightroom the tones are different.  I've recalibrated my monitor just in case, with no fix.. So I checked the color profiles in each program to confirm that they were both set to ProPhoto RGB.  They were.. so I tried saving the file as a pdf instead of as a tiff and found it corrected the issue in lightroom.  I'm frustrated that my tiff file and pdf file of the exact same image are coming up differently in lightroom.  If I have my picture sent to be printed.. what would I find?! I don't like that I feel like I can't trust lightroom to render my image properly.  Is there another setting that I am missing? Why would a tiff render differently from a psd? Thank you!