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    Resizing and Cropping Images in numerous pages across multiple files


      Hi, I’m not sure if this is a JavaScript question, but I need to add (paste) images to several pages of multiple PDF documents.  The images are actually a series of cells ‘copied’ from an excel spreadsheet.  Each set of excel cells is exactly the same size, but each page has a different set of cells.  Then, once the section of the spreadsheet is pasted to the PDF as an image, I need to resize it to fit the section of page and crop the edge of the image slightly.  Again, each ‘image’ while different, is exactly the same size, so the resizing and the cropping is the same for each.  I need to do this with over 500 images on 500 pages across several PDF documents so if there was a way to automate this, like a ‘macro’ it would save me heaps of time.  Thanks, RH