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    Export quality


      I'd love to be able to export my Clip videos in the same resolution (1080p) that they were originally recorded and I can see that the question has been asked previously, but now almost a year ago


      Is there a likely date for this feature to be enabled?


      Thanks, Tom

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          RameezKhan Adobe Employee

          Hi thomasjwoods,


          Which option are you using to export your videos?


          I edited a 1080p video in Premiere Clip.

          I saved it to my Camera Roll and it came out as 1080p.

          I then saved it to Creative Cloud and it still exported as 1080p.

          I didn't try exporting to YouTube and Twitter though.




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            thomasjwoods Level 1

            Hi there


            I am similarly saving to my camera roll (on my iPhone) - I can see that the properties still display as 1080p but the quality is definitely degraded somewhat - are there any settings any where to adjust the quality (or will they be introduced)?


            Thanks, Tom

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              dantaylr Level 1

              Agreed. The output quality is terrible. I love the ability to add my custom looks but I wouldn’t post what comes out of this. Please fix.