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    what t do?

    wacky aussie

      i recently changed from a desktop to a laptop - nightmare!  what do i do with LRTEMPLATE  'Northern Lights.

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          Abambo Level 4

          What is exactly your problem? Installing LR on an other computer implies moving the catalog and the pictures to the new destination. If the path to the pictures changed, you need to reconnect the pictures, so best is to honor the situation as on the source computer. You may altimes reconfigure inside of LR, if you need a new situation.


          If you give up the desktop, don't forget to deactivate the license, as this will save you some hassle in the future.

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            wacky aussie Level 1

            thank you very much for your learned reply....the problem? .... i lost the lot!.....just wanted to know what that was and more to the point where it came from.  thank you ....now i know.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Hopefully you have a backup of your images and the LR catalog file or you still have your desktop computer with all those files.


              You have to copy both all your images files, using the same Drive>Folder structure as it is on the desktop, over to the notebook hard drive (or to an external drive) and also the LR catalog file to the new notebook.


              How to Migrate Lightroom to a New Computer - YouTube


              How do I move Lightroom to a new computer? | The Lightroom Queen

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                wacky aussie Level 1

                just love the 'name' - feel like asking to borrow it!  i did ask the forum prior to getting the laptop - answer didn't work.  i do have the CC app on here - but only Photoshop shows 'OPEN' Lightroom says 'up to date'. . so i have to open it via the icon on the [of course] hidden taskbar. i would like to congratulate ADOBE for their brilliant assistance, they have been superb.  living in Australia the telephone assist is only available M-F 9-5. and it is Sunday 5.26am.  i do believe it will be best to contact them.  i am a little concerned re Feierwoon's comment re licensing. thank you so very much for your reply.  have a superb Labor Day.

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  He was referring to deactivating LR on the computer you are going to retire. you can do that in one of 2 ways. Open the CC desktop app and Sign Out. Then uninstall all the apps and or run the CC desktop Cleaner app.


                  On your new notebook click the CC app gear icon in the upper right hand corner and select Quit. Then Re open it or reboot your system to start it automatically. Then all your CC apps should say Open. Personally I have that Auto Start option unchecked as I see no reason to have the CC app start with the computer. I have icons on my desktop, in my start menu and on the task bar Quick launch area to open my most used programs


                  Not sue what you mean by Northern Lights. Is that some type of plugin or set preset? If it is, which I suspect, you place it in the Preset folder for the Develop module under the User Preset folder.


                  Look here for a list of File Locations.


                  Preference file and other file locations | Lightroom CC and 6

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                    wacky aussie Level 1

                    it!  i auto hide the taskbar!...Northern Nights says it was a LRTEMPLATE & i had no idea what it was...i do believe i will just forget it now!  thank you so very much for your rapid response. 


                    ~peace be with you and yours~


                    the desktop/stack/keyboard etc. are packed up & live in the garden shed.



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                      Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                      I have always Auto Hide the Windows task bar. No big deal for me.


                      The Preset folder is here.

                      C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\[preset or template folder]\[preset or template filename.lrtemplate]




                      Just place that Northern Light template in the User Presets folder.









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                        Abambo Level 4

                        If you have CC, there is no need to worry about. You activate a third computer, you get signed out of the 2 others. It's that easy. Prior to that, you had to sign out the computers. The drawback of the new model is, that you need a internet connection every 90 days, so that the license activation software can phone home.

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                          wacky aussie Level 1

                          good evening - yes i put it in the presets 'user'.  i haven't had a lot of time to play around with either one....but getting there.....if you don't mind i would like to copy all that jazz you placed there.  it will come in very handy.   thank you so very much for your rapid replies - much appreciated.


                          good night from Australia.

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                            wacky aussie Level 1

                            good evening Feierwoon, thank you so very much for all you have done,  i am very grateful for the time & effort you have put into this.


                            good night from Australia

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                              Abambo Level 4

                              You're welcome.