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    SWF Begins and then Restarts

      Greetings folks,

      I am having difficulty with my SWF videos (usually approx. 10-20 secs long). When I play them locally, there is no
      issue, but when viewed from the Breeze server (or when unpackaged from a.zip file on our
      school's Blackboard server) the SWF video (usually on slide #1) will begin playing and then after a few
      seconds will restart from the beginning. I'm wondering if it begins playing and then restarts after the entire
      SWF is loaded? I've tried various remedies (both in the SWF scripting and the Breeze set up) but to no
      avail. Has anyone else experienced this and discovered a solution?

      Thank you for your insights!

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          The problem lies with the way breeze handles embedded flash content.

          In Breeze 5 all flash content is preloaded to allow more seemless integration of Flash content. After content is loaded it's told to go to and play frame 1 when a slide is reached.

          so with a video on slide one you movie is being loaded it's starting to stream then it's done loading and then it's told to gotoandplay(1) but it's already on fram 20 so you get that jump.

          So as weird as it sounds...put a stop action on frame 1 so your movie doesn't play at all. then when it's loaded breeze will tell it to gotoandplay(1) and it will play normally without that hiccup.

          and an aside if you're ever developing interactive flash pieces with button interactions on frame 1 you should extend all that to frame 2 with a stop action. so that when breeze tells it to gotoandplay(1) when you come to that slide it doesn't play past your frame one stop action and your user interactions.