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    Need help to change background and more


      Hey everyone! This is my first ever post on this forum so excuse me if its not that good.


      Right now in school we are having a movie making project and me and my group want to impress the teacher really much. We decided that our film will be set on a boat on its way to sink, and before it sinks you get to know different families/people on the boat and how it all turns out for these different families when the boat starts to sink. But the problem is we do not have a boat. But I have after effects, and a normal sized sheet which is completely blue that can be used as a blue screen!



      I know how to chroma key easily, but some scenes need a bigger blue screen than we have
           So I have spent a few hours now looking for a tutorial on how to maybe change the background without anything like a blue screen but i cant seem to find a good tutorial that helps me with what i want help with.


      For ex. one of our scenes is cars driving up on the boat and the blue screen isnt big enough to cover the entire car, and also the ground beneath our car is gravel, and I cant have that. So is there anyone here that knows a few videos on the internet that might help me, or a kind soul that could write me a text tutorial on how to do this?
      /Kind regards, Axel.
      (btw im swedish so excuse me for bad spelling/grammar)

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are many times when a green screen is not large enough to cover the entire subject. You end up using a combination of green screen and rotoscope. In your car driving up to the boat example you would position the blue screen so that the blue screen was behind the windows of the car because that wold be the hardest parts of the car to rotoscope by hand. It would be fairly easy to rotoscope the wheels and the bottom of the car.


          Take a look at this video from Lynda.com - a really great source of After Effects Training. It will show you how multiple masks are used to clean up a green screen when it does not cover the entire scene.


          There was a great commercial for Singapore Airlines called Across the World that had an actress walking continuously through a shot that seamlessly moved her from San Francisco to Paris to Venice and in all of the transitions she walked past a green screen that was just big enough to cover here head and shoulders because it's very difficult to rotoscope hair and hands when they are moving. I took a quick look for the behind the scenes video that was produced when they originally released the commercial but couldn't find the exact one. If you look closely in this video you'll see folks moving green screens around as she is walking.

          This technique is even used on blockbuster movies. Note the green screen here that doesn't hide the entire background, just the parts that would be very difficult if not impossible to rotoscope.


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            shalz123 Level 1

            Thank you so much for the help! I will definitely look more into "rotoscoping"