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    help to create fluid grid / tiling layout in muse


      Hello, I am new to muse, and trying to create a fluid grid layout.


      What i would like to achieve is that the images rearrange them selves dependant on their size. I have seen this done in a few other websites, such as this one here..


      Zaven – Zaven is a studio for design, communication and research, based in Venezia, Italy.


      As you will see, dependant on the size of the browser window, the images rearrange to fit.


      This is a website created in wordpress. And if i can recreate this kind of tiling / grid in muse would be great.


      I have also attached some images, showing the effect i would like to achieve, these are images then from my email client, i like the way how the window literally just rearranges the images to fit.




      If anyone out there knows how to achieve this that would be great..