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    MultiUser Question

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      Sorry for posting this here, but the MultiUser forum seems to be all but
      dead. I was hoping some of you long time users might be able to answer my

      I am using the setNetBufferLimits function to set the buffer large enough to
      send pictures in a peer-to-peer movie. I want to make sure I understand the
      impact of this. I assume this means that I am reserving some amount of
      system memory, which will boost the memory requirements of my program. Is
      this correct?

      Also does this mean that small text messages that I send will be slower
      because of my larger buffer size as opposed to a movie that user a smaller
      buffer? In other words, if I set the buffer size to 1 Mb, does it mean that
      every message that gets sent is 1 Mb, even if it is just some text? I assume
      not, but just want to be sure.

      Finally, can anyone offer any suggestions on how to best tweak the
      tcpipReadSize, maxMessageSize, and maxIncomingUnreadMessages parameters,
      given that my movie sends everything from short text strings to large

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          I don't think the MultiUser forum is dead. Questions get answered just as fast there as they do here. There are just fewer questions, that's all.

          Have you tested uploading your large pictures to an FTP site, and sending just the URL of the picture via the multiuser connection? This would allow the local client to upload the image asynchronously, and the remote client(s) to download it asynchronously, freeing up the multiuser connection for the short text string exchanges.

          I've used ShockFiler Xtra for this sort of operation in the past.
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            Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it does not fit with the design
            model I am using. I am building a multiuser game based on a peer-to-peer
            connection. I will releasing the game (free) for other to use, and I don't
            want to require that users have access to an FTP server.

            Let me be clear, the program works fine as I have designed it. I want to be
            able to fine tune the program to be as efficient as possible and was hoping
            to benefit from the experience of other who may have done something similar
            in the past.