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    How to import DV from Camcorder - which codec?

    DavidA2015 Level 1


      I want to archive my mini-DV camcorder tapes by capturing their video with Premier Elements 3.0 (I have a newer version but only have 3.0 on my XP machine that has a firewire i/f).


      I have successfully captured one tape and I see a series of AVI files (as expected).  I have two questions:


      Is it possible / preferable to capture the video as a single dv file (i.e. with no recognition of timestamp breaks and no wrappers) ?


      Is there any loss in the .avi files compared to the tape (i.e. is the codec different / are there other options) ?


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't remember E3 anymore. but it may have a setting that says you can turn off Scene detection.

          If its preferable all depends on your workflow. I would not want just one file. Lost of work just to cut out the bad bits.

          No wrappers? Avi is a wrapper/container there is no other option.

          Transferring tape to computer is one on one. No loss. Avi is the best solution.

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