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    Lost collections


      G'day all.

      After the last update in June or July 2016 for LRCC, I have lost all images and all collections.

      I have found a file in the local picture files on the computer but where should they be to show up in LRCC?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The photos should be on your hard drive or external hard drive, wherever you store them. The catalog creates links to those files. May be you have more than one catlog? Try from the menu:

          File >> Open Recent

          Choose a named catalog to launch, if listed.

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            matthewo51745909 Level 1

            Cheers Jon. i think I just freaked out cos of all the work done on the pics but yes they are there and I just need to upload them back into LR so I can sync to my iPad.

            Cheers again      

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              JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

              Do not "upload them back into LR".  you will lose all you edits.  Follow the instructions from 99jon, From LR menu, File>Open Recent.  Find the existing catalog that contains all images and collections.  If there are several catalogs in the list, try each one until you find the correct one with images and collections.