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      So I'm not a graphic artist at all but I had to take graphic design and now desktop publishing for college. I was told for desktop publishing that using InDesign would be a lot easier then Illustrator but so far I'm struggling a lot.


      I need to make a calendar for my class and I made it on 2 pages instead of one. Well now I need it on one page. I put the pages on separate files as well because I saw somewhere that clicking on 'place' in Files you can merge two items together. That didn't work at all as it made my document way too small and cut my pages in half and then stuck them together.


      What I really need is to just combine the two page document together into one document that is not going to cut my pages in half because it exceeds the template. Is there a way I can resize my template after the fact? Really need help asap!!

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign is a top-end publishing application, it's not that intuitive and to start with a calendar is not realistic. (Briefly Illustrator is for creating vector graphics and Photoshop is for editing raster graphics e.g. Photographs).


          If you must proceed I suggest you start again and have a look at these calendar templates, and come back here for further help on this friendly forum.


          http://indesignsecrets.com/calendar-template-time.php (free)

          http://calendars-templates.eu (paid for)

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            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

            Lots of missing information here!!!

            How much InDesign training have you had, and with which materials?

            A template is basically a starter document—when you open it, it is untitled. Otherwise it is a document.


            To move pages, use the Pages panel. You can move selected pages within a document or to another document that is open.


            Does that answer your question?


            If not, include screen shots.


            If you are placing the files into a third file (I almost am reading this), then they are being placed as PDFs. You can change the page size in File > Document Setup. I am not sure if I am interpreting that correctly.