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    AE Lumetri not linking to clip in timeline

    RFendelman Level 1

      I upgraded AE 2015 to the latest version and then my plug-ins didn't work right on my project and the render crashed about 2/3 of the way.

      A lot of my clips used Lumetri.

      So, I re-installed ver 2015.

      Now when I try to open AE, the prompt says that it can not (I forget the name) connect the files/clips to Lumetri and won't open.

      Then, I deleted the Lumetri app in the Applications folder, opened the project file and rendered the video with no problem and no color correction.


      How do I get AE to work with my project if I put the Lumetri plug-ins back?


      I haven't tried this yet, but I guess if all else fails I could delete all the Lumetri effects, save the project, put the plug-ins back, try to reopen the project and redo the effects.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          I really would not mess with the software structure or delete an effect and try to install it back.


          first,make sure you are using the latest version of 13.8.1 and if you deleted something, I would re-install and not change anything. if there is an error you should show it to us and we can help you. Lumetri had some changes in the latest version so this may or may not be related. give us the exact error you are getting.


          keep in mind you can keep the 2015.2 version or previous CC versions and work on your project so that if there is a problem, you won't get stuck.