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    index not creating

    catamaran Level 1
      Project: RHX5
      Status: Previously good project, changed the index entries, now no index

      In a project that contains an imported Word doc, I deleted a lot of index entries from the index pane. These entries all began with the acronym UG. (We didn't like the acronym use and decided not to use it.)

      Then I did the following:

      * In the original Word doc, revised the index tags
      * In the project, deleted the RHX5 files for that doc
      * reimported the updated Word doc using the create index option

      The new index did not create. Instead, RH recreated the old index (using the UG acronyms). The index entries were bolded, indicating of course that they were not linked. Ghost entries.

      Thinking there may be some unused files in the project causing the problem, I created a new project using the RH wizard, and imported the doc again using the create index check box. No index.


      Thank you!

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          catamaran Level 1
          Huzzah! Fixed it!

          Instead of deleting the old entries first, I imported a renamed copy of the Word doc (with the new index tags) into the RH project. (It's a big file and it choked RH last night. We're doing merged small projects for our next project, bah humbug on these giant files). The new index entries were created, and NOW I can delete the old ones.

          Deleting the entries first must have modifed the hhk file somehow.