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    how to convert pages printed as booklet to a normal sequence


      Every now and then we use our ADF to digitize handbooks printed as booklet. The headache we have is to sort out the pages and change them back to a normal sequence so that a reader can read a digitized version of the handbook. I crop scanned A4 size in two halves: right and left and then I manually sort out pages in Acrobat.


      This task takes hours since I cannot make out page numbers I'm working with despite the fact that I've got 27" monitor with high resolution.


      Printing a document as booklet is a ridiculously easy peasy piece of work though converting automatically digitized copy to a normal sequence seems to be impossible!


      The only solution I've found is to cut a physical book in halves and then scan it in a normal sequence. To my mind it'd be faster and cheaper to re-print it than spending my precious time at night on sorting out pages in Acrobat.