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    Creative Cloud and Lightroom


      Ever since renewing my Creative Cloud and subscription to Lightroom I have had NOTHING but problems. It takes numerous hard re-boots before the creative cloud even loads up, then forever before Lightroom will recognize the photos that are to be downloaded to my computer.


      Prior to this... I had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. I am a professional photographer and this has cost me A LOT of money in time wasted just getting to a point where I can actually edit photos.


      I periodically offload old photos and docs to storage and I acknowledge the fact that our local internet is not always so "high speed" as they claim. But the fact that this NEVER happened prior to me handing over my credit card again so I could pay continuously for the privilege of being able to edit my photos leads me only to the conclusion that it is ADOBE and CREATIVE CLOUD issues. I physically purchased Lightroom waaaay back when you could actually buy a box with software in it. I can't understand why I have to continue to pay for a software and system that DOES NOT WORK at all well anymore!!!!