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    After Effects rendering multi core and/or BgRender

    MikeFeuer Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm looking to set up a super computer to use as a render engine for After Effects CC 2015 (PNG Sequences).

      HARDWARE: SuperMicro computer running Windows 10 or 8 TBD) - 2 CPUs with a total of 32 cores with 256 gigs of RAM (It's a monster)


      I have a few questions about using this machine as a render farm.

      1) If I was to use multicore rendering (Going back to CC 2014 to do so) will AE see all the cores of my single machine as separate cores for rendering? (Effectively rendering a single frame from each core simultaneously) or will it only see the CPUs installed and just render 2 frames simultaneously? If the latter than is there any value in all these extra cores?


      2) Does AE support command line rendering - if so what are specific Adobe authorized procedures / recommendations?


      3) This is regarding the BgRender script - I've used this before successfully - it basically launches renders in the command line and seems to take advantage of multiple cores in this way by launching multiple versions of AE simultaneously...  I think Adobe should be supporting this workflow as it doesn't currently have multiCore rendering available in CC 2015)  - So, my question is has anyone tried to use this script with a 32 core monster machine?  If so have you got any advice for best practices.  I'd rather not have to launch CC 2014 as part of my workflow if possible...


      4) If able to answer questions about BgRender  - What is the max number of launches of BgRender that has been you've all had success with? 


      Thank you all for you time,