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    Eyebrow/Blink not working in Scene

    Petventh21 Level 1

      Hello guys. So I named all my layers based on the example puppet but the Eyebrow and Blink isn't working like it's supposed to. Like when I blink or move my eyebrow but the character doesn't do it.

      Here's the names of my layers (I also double checked in Ch and everything is tagged properly) but for some reason they won't move or anything when I do on the webcam.

      Eye not working.PNG

      Here's a different Trigger of the same character and this one work without any problem. Which is weird that the above isn't working.

      Eye Working.PNG

      I've done everything I could think of. Reinstall AF/Ch, duplicate the AI file and start a new puppet, new scene---you name it. And I've also make sure that all the behaviors are all checked.


      If anyone have any idea as to how I can resolve this issue would greatly appreciate it.