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    Anchor Point not visible on a text from template


      i downloaded a template for an intro and everything was great. i got everything to work, except one thing. i customized what i needed to which was changing the words "Name" to my username. there is 3 different text things i needed to edit and i edited them all but the last one it moves so its animated but i cant find an anchor point on the text that pans outward or looks like its moving towards the camera. Classy Black & White After Effects Intro Template - YouTube  is a video of the template. you can see which text im talking about at 0:07-0:08 and after to the end how it grows. im trying to get the anchor point in the middle so it spreads from the middle if that makes sense please help me!!! sorry for the bad grammar and punctuation.


      i want to display or view the anchor point and then center it in the exact middle of the text so it expands from the center.