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    Video playback lags/skips


      First time asking a question hope someone finds this to solve my conundrum. So i recently have just gotten Adobe Animate and well I've ran into something that's just annoying. So I will create a small animation with some audio in the background and ill want to see how the animation looks so far and i hit enter to play it but when it plays it lags like crazy while the sound runs perfectly fine and by the end of it the video had skipped to the end to keep up with the sound. Another weird thing is that as its playing i look and see that the fps is constantly changing from like 6.50 to 0.99 fps or some other small number. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be happening.... It plays fine as a swf but am i just now supposed to do that every time i want to see the progress of my animation?


      I've tried turning the audio off, restarting the program, restarting my computer and nothing has worked, its even been updated and I'm still having this problem.


      If anyone knows a solution it would be greatly appreciated.