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    After W10 Pro upgrade, ADE won't launch/come up/inintiate

    sdean7855 Level 1

      Previously I was at Win7, did the free upgrade to W10 Home and then paid upgrade to W10 Pro. Have applied the Anniv update.

      Under W7, ADE4.5 was working fine. After all the W10 work, it would fail to come after double-clicking the icon.  There was perhaps a brief flicker somewhere, but I have a fast machine (an Alienware R4 Aurora) that often doesn't display error popups long.

      Photoshop CS6 runs fine.

      Deinstalled ADE, downloaded the latest (V4.5.2), reinstalled.  Same nothing.

      FWIW, I have it installed on a separate apps drive, an SSD, so its binaries will be mostly on that G: drive with the inevitable few on the C: drive. This worked fine under W7 and for all other apps.