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    Color changing on export

    MindyGoodMindyGood Level 1

      Hello everyone!

      Long time lurker, first time asker...

      I'm using the new character animator 4 on a 2015 MacPro laptop, using current updated illustrator and after effects.

      I designed my characters in illustrator and loaded them in to character animator and they "act" perfectly.  I've exported as png sequence and imported into after effects.


      In some of my scenes, this character doesn't has speaking lines, so I've been using just AE puppet pins to control the illustrator file version of the same exact puppet file to make subtle background movements.  My problem is that the png sequence is lighter and unsaturated compared to the original AI file.  I understand there is a shift from AI format to png format, but is there any export options that will not change my color?  Can I export tiff or psd sequences?  The mp4 seemed worse & had compression artifacts.


      For now, I'm just adding an HSL effect layer to compensate, but it seems like this shouldn't be a necessary step in my workflow....Anybody else seeing this?


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hmmm, I'm not 100% sure - I've never done a side-by-side in AE with the PNGs and original. I'll ask around. If you're okay with a flat video, I guess you could try several Adobe Media Encoder preset settings to see if you can get the most colors / highest quality possible.


          The long term plan has always been to allow dynamic linking between CH and other applications, so hopefully this will be fixed (and save you a few steps) in the future.