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    Difficulty syncing photos from LR Mobile (iPad) to desktop

    Aaron Shepley

      On Friday I did a shoot for a university's soccer team.  I uploaded all the pictures to my iPad for editing and edited and culled over 500 photos on Friday night/saturday morning.  Time is obviously of the essence.  When I tried to sync the edited photos to my desktop, my adventure began.  So far, of the 230 photos that I ended up with only 153 have synced which also means that 77 of the photos are not available on the web for the Sports information director of the university.  From last night to this morning a total of 7 photos synced.    I have been trying without success to find an answer to this problem and I am hoping that someone can help.  From prior posts, I am confident that my problem is not unique, which is unfortunate, but I am still at a loss to know how to fix this.