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    Lightroom: "Pixel Shift Resolution" (Pentax) shows no effect on RAW converted image

    Agutanus Level 1


      I've been using the "pixel shift resolution" (PSR) on a Pentax K70 and was quite astonished by the resolution gain achieved in the out-of-camera .jpg.

      Unfortunately this doesn't transfer to the images developed in Lightroom. As you can see in the 600% crop image, the Lightroom developed images (all standard-settings) show no difference between a conventional RAW-file and the 4x larger PSR RAW-file (all .dng). For a PSR-image the RAW developed image shows a worse resolution and color artifacts compared to the out-of-camera .jpg.


      Is there a workaround for this?


      Also I was not able to open .pef files (Pentax native RAW file format) in Lightroom. Is this intended?

      Vergleich PSR 2 Kopie.jpg

      Lightroom 6.6.1

      Camera Raw 9.6

      Pentax K70, firmware 1.10