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    Trouble navigating with camera in huge 3d scene

    harryk86160331 Level 1



      I've noticed that the camera movement in After Effects is really difficult to navigate with as compared to a regular 3D program like 3ds max or maya. I have this huge 3d scene in Element3d (plugin from Copilot) where i have a billboard somewhere in the scene of which i can't tell the exact coordinates. This element3d scene is in a composition where i am trying to composite an mp4 video of mine right onto the billboard which is really hard because i can't figure out the exact 3d coordinates of the billboard's screen so it's alot of trial and error positioning the video and then moving the camera around just to make sure it is really on the billboard and not moving away from it while the camera is moving to other angular perspectives. To help me position the video properly i am trying to move the camera around the sides of the billboard to ensure the video is right sticking to the billboard's screen but i am having trouble moving the camera properly... in a regular 3d program like maya or 3ds max i could have easily positioned the camera to every angle in the scene but with After effects it is almost impossible to see every angle in a huge 3d scene. So my question is if it is possible to configure the camera in such a way so i can easily move it around like in 3ds max?